About us

Early Childhood Learning Center – a haven of love and happiness for small children, a preschool with a difference – is owned and run by Mrs. Shobha Singh who is an alumna and Gold Medalist from Montessori International, London. She has been connected with various educational institutions and her expertise has been utilized in opening various nursery schools.

ECLC is a product of her passion for teaching and love for little children. 30 years of experience put together with quality work and dedication that she has shown towards her school has made ECLC one of the best preschools of Lucknow.

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Message from the Principal

As the principal of this great school, I can guarantee your children will receive a first class education! Our teachers are dedicated to making sure every child reaches his or her potential. They are devoted to the children and work hard to assure that every child feels loved and safe. We make sure that our students are “On time, on task, and on a mission!” We offer special programs, such as after school tutoring ST Math program for grades K-5, mentoring through City Year and Dream Academy, drama club, debate club, and Lego robotics.

We have a socialized recess with organized games. We have a full service lunch room with delicious food served daily. We have a recently formed Home and School Organization that we urge all families to join We have a School Advisory Council for parents, teachers, and community members to help steer the school towards achieving its educational goals.

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