Principal's Message

Dear Mothers,

On behalf of my team at Early Childhood Learning Center, I would like to welcome you to my beautiful world.

It definitely pains me when I take your crying two year olds from your arms, but this is where my job begins. Not only I have to make your child feel comfortable, but I also have to make him feel loved and cared for.

Although there is a no substitute for the mother, but a pre school is the first step that a child has to take, out of the confines of his / her secured home environment. My work is to make this a happy learning experience for him / her.

With your co operation I am proud to say that the gates of ECLC open each morning and welcome little children with open arms and pretty smiles and when they close in the afternoon you see happy mothers with their little happy children who reluctantly leave school but with the wish to be back the next day…………

Lots of love and best wishes.
Shobha Ma’am

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