It is with great honour and pride we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our beloved Pre-school, Early Childhood Learning Center ( ECLC ).

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank each and every one of you for entrusting us with the education and care of your child.

I take great pride that I stand before you today to reflect on the past two decades of growth, learning and development that has taken place within these walls. From humble beginnings with a handful of students, to the thriving community of young minds that we have today, it is truly remarkable to see how far we have come. Over the years, we have been blessed with dedicated and passionate teachers and support staff who have worked tirelessly to create a nurturing and stimulating environment for our babies. Their tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed and we are grateful for their contributions.

We have also been fortunate to have the support of our parents who have entrusted us with the education and care of their children. We are grateful for their partnership and the trust they have placed in us .

As young parents, you have been an integral part of our preschool community and we are grateful for your support and partnership. We know that the decisions you make for your child’s education and care are not easy ones and we are honoured that you have chosen ECLC to be a part of your child’s journey. As we look ahead to many more years, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do and provide the best possible education and care to the children in our community.

In conclusion let us join our hands 🙏 with gratitude to the past 20 years and to many more years of growth, learning and development that are yet to come.

Once again, thank you for your trust and support.

Shobha Singh
Founder / Director

welcome to our school

The moment you walk through the door at ECLC Playschool, you know you’re somewhere special.

It’s a home away from home for children aged between 2-6 years and their families. It’s a nurturing, creative environment that encourages learning and discovery through play – where children learn to be curious, confident, creative, and above all, kind.

About us

Early Childhood Learning Center – a haven of love and happiness for small children, a preschool with a difference – is owned and run by Mrs. Shobha Singh who is an alumna and Gold Medalist from Montessori International, London. She has been connected with various educational institutions and her expertise has been utilized in opening various nursery schools.

ECLC is a product of her passion for teaching and love for little children. 35 years of experience put together with quality work and dedication that she has shown towards her school has made ECLC one of the best preschools of Lucknow.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children are happiest when they are learning what piques their interests.

We believe that children are joyous when they are given the chance to explore freely outside.

We believe that purposeful exploration is paramount to a child’s development.

With thoughtful planning, play enables the students an opportunity to explore and learn in their own way. It’s a vital way for students to practice social skills that nurture their ability to negotiate, problem solve, and make decisions.

While outside, children gain opportunities for growth in all of the developmental domains: self-awareness, self regulation, intrinsic motivation, empathy, social skills, independence, a positive mental attitude, self esteem, and confidence. Outside time also keeps the students physically active, engages their tactile senses, provides a space for peer modeling and aids in gaining critical thinking skills.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment.

Preparing the child for admission to formal schools is also a priority for ECLC. Every year confident young ECLC preschoolers join various reputed formal school after successfully clearing the admission process.


  • Words would be small to describe ECLC School. It has been more than satisfying experience with simple, very elegant and open environment inside the school. The personal efforts does come from the top by Mrs. Shobha Singh, with her outstanding contribution on each child and his/her milestones. I would strongly recommend ECLC School to everyone looking for warm yet focussed pre school for your child. With my 2nd one almost ready for pre-school, I really wish Ms. Shobha Singh to be my 2nd child's mentor too!! Best wishes always!!

    Shivani Narang Director- Sales & Marketing
  • Sending my daughter, Anushree to ECLC has been one of the best decisions I've made for her early education needs. She attended ECLC from 2016-17 until she joined formal school. ECLC provided Anushree with a safe and caring environment where she learnt the fundamentals like alphabets, numbers, nursery rhymes and colours. Also, significant issues like caring for the environment, empathy towards birds and animals, meaning of festivals, and so on were taught through fun activities. I found the faculty and staff at ECLC to be professional and devoted to the children. Personal attention is paid to every single child's needs as per their learning levels. It is unequivocally the best play school in the city with an experienced management. I'm confident that young children and parents in Lucknow shall continue to benefit from the presence of a top quality play school like ECLC.

    Aditi Singh Indian Administrative Service
  • Dropping my 3 year old on the porch of the school, a place both completely unknown and puzzling to her, my heart sinked as she wouldn't stop crying. I still remember her face, all red in frustration and her eyes looking at me in desperation. Then slowly, Shobha emerged from behind with a chocolate in her hand and my daughter's face lit up. She gave me a reassuring smile as she took my little heart inside the building. I expected a nervous, cranky little girl when i came back to pick her up. When Vasundhara came out, i couldn't believe my eyes. She was smiling. Laughing rather, with her new friends. And today, 14years hence, she is still smiling. You know what they say, people are a result of their roots. And today, my daughter is what she is because her roots found foundation and existence in a place as wonderful as ECLC.

    Namita Prasad Lucknow
  • ECLC is truly a home away from home for our babies as they receive Love, warmth, pampering and a cosy learning experience in an environment which is close to nature. The teachers here are incredibly sensitive to the needs of every child and invest their positive energies into moulding them and preparing them for formal schools. At ECLC the children learn by actually experiencing the various concepts, they see the cobblers mending shoes, cows giving milk, carpenters making chairs, Writing letters to their parents and posting them at the post office (that actually reach their homes) and many more such fun activities. It’s a perfect secured place where children explore and learn new things every day,  celebrate festivals and special occasions together and learn about the mythologies related with every festival in the most interesting ways. My daughter was at ECLC for two and a half years and she remembers and misses every person she was there with. Even today Her fondest memories are of ECLC  Days !! I congratulate the Principal and Staff of ECLC for consistently offering the best !!

    Rakhi Kishore Radio Jockey, TV Host
  • We as parents of Shambhavi are very satisfied with the ECLC school.  The way the children are handled with so much care and affection is quite commendable. The children come out bright,well mannered and brimming with confidence.

    Pranjal Yadav, Indian administrative Service | Sweta Prasad, Architect Lucknow
  • ECLC provided a fun-filled learning environment for our child. Under able leadership of the principal, all teachers gave the kids unique personal attention with lot of love and care. It developed in our little child, a sense of comfort helping her learn better and grow into a confident person. In short, it was a home away from home for our kid. Very few institutions would match the kind of care and personal attention received by the students at ECLC. This comfort helps them grow at their own pace and come out with flying colours. Thanks to the Principal and team ECLC

    Neelam Agrawal, IRS | Amit Pathak, IPS Lucknow
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